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2017 Heuberger Subaru Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Competitor Information

* * * 2017 is an AUTOMOTIVE-ONLY Event * * *

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Welcome to the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack’s competitor information. This is where you will find all the information related to being a competitor in the event.


Note: All Competitor Waivers can be found here:


What: ½ Mile Side by Side Event and Trap Speed Competition.
When: June 17th & 18th, 2017. Gates open at 7AM. Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:00AM.
Where: Colorado Springs Airport, 7770 Milton E Proby Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Shift-S3ctor and Revvolution, in conjunction with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, are proud to announce the fouth annual 2017 Heuberger Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, at the Colorado Springs Airport June 17th and 18th, 2017.


NOTE – If you wish to compete for a trophy, you must register as a Trophy Competitor.

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

– Open runs + Trap Speed Trophy Competition

On Saturday, there will be open runs throughout the entirety of the day; run whoever you want. At the end of the day on Saturday, we will be having a Trap Speed Competition. This is only for those that elect to compete for the trophy competition (this must be selected at the time of online registration). At the end of the day, the top two Trap Speeds of the day in each class will receive  1st and 2nd place trophies. (For tech inspection and qualifying requirements, see below).

Trap Speed Competition Classes:

AWD Unlimited by Extreme Turbo Systems
2WD Unlimited by Corsa Performance
Exotic by Fast Intentions

BMW / AMG by Burger Tuning
Naturally Aspirated
6-Speed (Manual) by Speed Society

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

– Open runs + Trap Speed Competition

On Sunday, the format will be identical to that of Saturday; open runs all day, with a Trap Speed competition at the end of the day.

Classes will be identical to Saturday.


This event is open to the public, however, participants must register their spot during Competitor Registration, and spectators must purchase tickets online. The event is open to all types of cars and all horsepower levels. Each registered driver may bring 2 guests/crew free of charge. All others must purchase spectator tickets here on our website. (Spectators will have the same general access as drivers and guests/crew). We are only selling a limited number of spectator tickets per day in order to meet our capacity requirements. If you are not a registered driver, a guest/crew of a registered driver, or have secured a spectator ticket, YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN THE GATE.


  • Each Participant receives 2 free Crew Member General Admission Tickets
  • Crew Member Tickets are General Admission
  • Crew Member GA Tickets are good for the days which the Participant is registered (eg if participant is registered for Saturday, Crew tickets are only good for Saturday)
  • Participants can upgrade to the VIP Experience during the registration process
  • If you need to upgrade your participant ticket to VIP and you’ve already registered, you must email with your request before the event. Note: VIP tickets will sell out!
  • If you would like to upgrade your Crew Member tickets to VIP, you must email with your request before the event. Note: VIP tickets will sell out!
  • VIP tickets will not be available at the gate! (We cannot stress this enough)
  • All participants will receive their Participant and Crew tickets digitally at the email you used during sign-up one week prior to the event



Driver/Competitor Registration


  1. Pro Drivers have access to BOTH Pro and Pro/Am Runways
  2. Pro Runway will have timing equipment. Pro/am Runway will NOT have timing equipment.
June 17 & 18, 2017Driver registration for both days$500
June 17, 2017Driver registration for Saturday only$270
June 18, 2017Driver registration for Sunday only$270
Trophy Class Competitor$30 per day



Driver/Competitor Registration


  1. Pro/am Drivers have access to ONLY Pro/Am Runway
  2. Pro/am Runway will NOT have timing equipment.
June 17 & 18, 2017Driver registration for both days$350
June 17, 2017Driver registration for Saturday only$195
June 18, 2017Driver registration for Sunday only$195
Trophy Class CompetitorNO TROPHY CLASS FOR PRO/AM


*Each driver registration includes a free T-shirt

NOTE: General driver registrations will not be entered into Trophy competitions unless elected.

To be entered into a Trophy Competition for either day is an additional $30 per day and must be elected at time of registration. 


Standard Drivers:

  • It is mandatory to bring a helmet (Snell 2000+)
  • Each participant is required to completely fill out and sign a waiver/self tech form
  • All vehicles attempting to go over 180MPH are required to do 2 solo passes at 180MPH, observed by tech staff, to ensure safety and stability. Only after will they be approved to go 180+mph.
  • All vehicles that run over 190MPH require a mounted fire extinguisher, 4-point roll cage, and fire suit/jacket.
  • We recommend additional safety equipment FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS including but not limited to: Roll bar or full cage, fire suit and clothing/gloves, fire suppression system, hans or similar type of restraint for neck protection, arm restraints or window net
  • You are responsible for ensuring the safety and capabilities of your car at this event
  • All convertibles require roll over protection: either factory or an aftermarket roll bar

Trophy Competitors:

Cars must meet individual tech inspection to insure their safety for the competition. There are also qualifying requirements.



It is required that all cars aiming to trap over 180+ go through our own independent tech inspection in addition to filling out your self tech form. This will occur on grid either before your first run or before your second run.

To be licensed to go 180+mph, each driver must do two solo passes (one in each lane) between 170mph and 180 mph. This is to ensure that you can do a safe pass at that speed as observed by our staff. Once we see you have accomplished two safe passes, we will issue you a wristband licensing you to go over 180+mph.

Qualifying for a license on Saturday will be good for both days of the event.
Licenses issued in our records to drivers at any previous Shift-S3ctor events will carry over. You do not need to go through licensing again if you already did at the last event, your car will still need to pass tech inspection. At our discretion, we may issue provisional licenses for certain individuals we have seen at past events accomplish these requirements already.

If you exceed 180MPH with a car that has not been through our tech inspection and/or you are not licensed to go over 180MPH, you will be restricted to sub 180MPH. If you continue to go beyond that, you will be removed from the event without refund.


  • Cars exceeding 190 still must meet the 180+ licensing and tech requirements set forth above.
  • Additionally, cars exceeding 190 MPH require a mounted fire extinguisher, 4-point roll cage, and fire suit/jacket.
  • Again, we highly suggest additional safety gear such as a HANS Device, full race suit, fire suppression system, and full cage.


Rain Policy:

The event will proceed rain or shine and will run based on the safety of conditions.

Refund Policy:

There will be NO REFUNDS issued.

Mechanical malfunctions or catastrophic failure will not allow for refunds either.

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