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Revvolution.comShift-S3ctor and the Colorado Springs Sports Corp are excited to announce the 2019 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack is returning to the Colorado Springs Airport for its sixth year.

Mark your calendars for June 22-23, and don’t miss the half-mile side-by-side trap speed competition that features the fastest stock and modified street cars in the world!

In 2018, more than 7,000 spectators60 media outlets30 sponsors and 11 vendors gathered at the Colorado Springs Airport. Roughly 1.9 million viewers across the world tuned into the live broadcast to watch 315 die-hard competitors hit the tarmac, making the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack the largest event of its kind in the world.

As technology advances and teams fine-tune their setups for half-mile trap speed competitions, records stand no chance of withstanding the quest of claiming the title of King of the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. Last year a new world record was set by Underground Racing and a 259.6 mph half-mile pass was etched into the history books.

“The Pikes Peak Airstrip attack is an exciting event and the Colorado Springs Airport is thrilled to serve as the venue for the 6th consecutive year,” said Greg Phillips, director of Aviation for the Colorado Springs Airport. “This is an event to look forward to and we invite the Colorado Springs Community to come out to the airport to enjoy this unique experience and witness history being made.”

While we look forward to building on the success and momentum of past events, planned airport construction will limit this year’s event to a single runway. This means that there will not be Pro Am runway running for 2019. The spectator layout will also be adjusted to accommodate construction; however, the experience will remain as high-adrenaline as ever.

Participant Pricing Structure

New for this year, we’re giving 2018 competitors priority for pre-registration. If you pre-registered in 2018, you will be sent a unique code granting you early access to the registration pre-sale. In addition, our tiered competitor pricing will be implemented in order to entice more record setting vehicles, as well as those Pro Am competitors who want to step up their game to center stage.

For a limited time, competitors will be able to take advantage of the new pricing structure. Each tier is limited to 20 cars. Tiers one through four offer a percentage off the registration cost for Pro runway.

Tier 1 – 20 Cars @ 40% off
Tier 2 –
20 Cars @ 30% off
Tier 3 –
20 Cars @ 20% off
Tier 4 –
20 Cars @ 10% off


Registration is $275 for a single day, $500 for both days.

Live Broadcast

The team is expecting 2019 to be even bigger. Last year, Jeffrey J. Hart directed the Revvolution.com production that broadcast the entire event live on Facebook to our partners 1320Video, That Racing ChannelStreet FX Motorsports & GraphicsRevvolution and Shift-S3ctor pages and reached over 1.9 million live viewers!

More details to come!

2018 The Year of Records!

In 2018, during the finals between heavyweights Extreme Turbo Systems 2013 GTR and the Underground Racing 2016 Lamborghini Huracan, KC Howeth ripped a 259.67 mph pass, setting a new all-time standing half-mile top speed world record!

Myles Kerr of English Racing bested his record of 207 mph, posting yet another front-wheel-drive and Integra Platform record of 208.04 mph.

Sal Patel’s 1999 Dodge Viper was trapping 220+ mph all weekend, on his final pass he hit 244.43 mph, in a standing mile. A new rear-wheel-drive record.

In 2017 we saw a new world record set for the fastest woman in the standing half-mile; this record was broken by Alex Christmas in her 2013 Nissan GTR. Alex crushed the record trapping 225.23 mph!

Fastest Speeds from 2018 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented by Drag965

#97 KC Howeth, 2016 Lamborghini Huracan – 259.67 mph
#115 Lucas English, 2009 Nissan GTR – 253.52 mph
#160 Sal Patel, 1999 Dodge Viper – 244.43 mph
#73 Jatty Gill, 2013 Audi R8 – 233.04 mph
#26 Kevin Rudeen, 2014 Nissan GTR – 228.54 mph
#183 Alex Christmas, 2013 Nissan GTR – 225.23 mph
#140 Bad Boy Morris Malone, 2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – 214.29 mph
#184 Brian Spachman, 2015 Nissan GTR – 214.29 mph
#208 Will Dugas, 2016 Dodge Viper ACR-E – 214.08 mph
#182 Javid Khan, 2017 Nissan GTR – 212.16 mph

Glimpse into the 2018 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented by Drag965 Vehicle Demographics

Notable Breakdown by Make
62 – Chevrolet
34 – Ford
36 – Nissan
11 – Lamborghini
34 – Dodge
11 – Porsche
6 – Cadillac
31 – BMW
10 – Mercedes-Benz
11 – Audi
10 – McLaren

Notable Breakdown by Model
43 – Chevrolet Corvette
31 – Nissan GT-R
28 – Ford Mustang (multi-variations)
7 – Lamborghini Huracan
4 – Lamborghini Gallardo
5 – McLaren 570S
13 – Chevrolet Camaro
6 – Cadillac CTS-V
11 – Porsche 911 (multi-variations)
11 – Dodge Viper
8 – Dodge Hellcat (multi-variations)
4 – BMW M3
5 – Audi R8

Notable Participating Exotics
Lamborghini Gallardo
Lamborghini Huracan
Audi R8
McLaren 570S
McLaren MP4-12C
McLaren 720S

General Admission and VIP Tickets

General Admission and VIP tickets go on sale early February. Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook Event Page for updates!

General Admission Pre-Sale Tickets are $20 for a single day, or a special rate of $30 for both days of the experience. Children (12 and under) are 50% off and children under 3 are freeGA tickets are $25 at the gate. 


VIP tickets are $75 per day for adults and $40 for children (12 and under), children under 3 are free. Includes general admission, access to the covered VIP tent area with premium viewing, VIP parking inside the venue, free continental breakfast & catered lunch and free beer by Budweiser. VIP tickets will NOT be sold at the gate.

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