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Q: Will there be food vendors on site?
A: Yes, there are at least 5 food vendors at the event both Saturday and Sunday


Q: Are coolers allowed?
A: Lunch-sized coolers are allowed. Anything larger will not be allowed in


Q: Can I bring my own chair?
A: Yes! You can bring in folding chairs. There will also be large grandstand areas for general admission spectators.


Q: Can I bring in a tent?
A: No


Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: No


Q: Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol?
A: No


Q: How much are tickets for kids?
A: Children 3 and under are free. Children under 12 are half off.


Q: Is the VIP Parking Pass a VIP Ticket?
A: No, the VIP Parking Pass will only allow a vehicle to be parked in the VIP Parking lot. All spectators in the vehicle will require a ticket to enter the event.


Q: Does a VIP Ticket allow you to park in VIP Parking?
A: Yes, VIP ticket holders may park in the VIP Parking inside the gate.

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