THIS WEEKEND! Details are here!

THIS WEEKEND! Details are here!

The 6th running of the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack Presented by Drag965 is THIS WEEKEND! We can’t be more excited for this year’s event, as it truly is shaping up to be the largest half mile racing event in the world, and it’s happening right here in Colorado Springs. Here are the things you need to know!

The Roster is updated! With some heavy-hitters filled in, we now have a total of 210,000 HP and an average of 787 HP to hit the tarmac this weekend. We have over 280 cars on the roster for this year which means this is officially the largest Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in history.

Due to construction on the Charlie Taxiway (where last year’s HQ was), we’ve reverted to our pre-2017 event layout with the event headquarters being located on the west side of the primary 17-35 runway (aka the pro track). While this means a slightly longer shuttle bus for our spectators, it means we’re back to a completely linear layout, which provides for a better viewing and spectator experience for all and a much more efficient layout for participants. A slightly more efficient layout is how we’re able to provide for 190+ cars per day, making this the most stacked event ever!

Remember, if you’re coming out as a spectator and would like to skip the shuttle bus all together, we do have VIP Parking Passes available for you to park inside the fence right next to the pit row. These can be picked up here.

If being closer and better situated to the action wasn’t enough, we’re bringing BACK the jumbotron and will be broadcasting LIVE the entire event, courtesy of co-hosts and our broadcast sponsors. You can tune in to the live action on, or via our various social syndication partners; 1320video, StreetFX, That Racing Channel and High Tech Corvette on both Facebook and YouTube!

Be sure to follow the official Facebook Event Page and “subscribe” so you can stay up to date on all the action.

We can’t wait to have everybody out this weekend!

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